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Schrödinger Equation — Executable Program

The program calculates the motion of an α-particle (helium nucleus) in a one-dimensional potential by solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation numerically. The output data are updated with the movement and presented in two diagrams. The upper diagram shows the probability density and the lower diagram shows the potential shape and the expectation value of position.



Program for MS DOS: qm-dos.exe
Program for MS Windows: qm-win.exe

Program for Linux x86 (Console): cde-qm.tar.gz
Program for Linux x86 (X Window): cde-qm.tar.gz
Program for Linux x86 (X Window incl. library): cde-qm.tar.gz

For Linux x86: Unzip the CDE package cde-qm.tar.gz by tar -zxvf cde-qm.tar.gz and run the program by executing cde-package/qm.cde